Pastor Dewayne Braxton



With a passionate and invigorating style of preaching and

teaching that is unmatched; Rev. Dewayne Braxton consistently

responds to the call of imparting, equipping, and empowering

others for the upbuilding of God’s Kingdom. The above

mentioned is just a foretaste of what is to be experienced under

the exceptional leadership of Rev. Dewayne Braxton. With a

diverse array of education, training, and ministry experience;

Rev. Braxton leads the way in personifying genuine, sacrificial,

and dedicated leadership.



After graduating from Robert S. Rogers High School in June 1986, Rev. Braxton

obtained his Associate’s degree from the University of Toledo in 1988. From there Rev.

Braxton’s passion for ministry led him to receive training and certification from Prison

Fellowship Ministries where he went on to serve as a volunteer prison chaplain from 2001-

2005. During this time, Rev. Braxton heard the Lord calling him into ministry and shortly after

began theological studies at the Toledo Bible Institute; Northwest Ohio school of Ministry in

2003. Rev. Braxton also served as a Volunteer Nursing Home Chaplain from 2001-2004 and a

Volunteer Hospital Chaplain from 2002-2004. In 2006 Rev. Braxton was offered an opportunity

to join the ministerial staff at Pilgrim Church under the leadership of Dr. Lawrence Cameron

and while serving at Pilgrim Church he received a Bachelor of Arts in Ministry from Whithorn

School of Theology in 2007. Rev. Braxton served as Lead Pastor of Pilgrim’s Satellite Church,

Outreach Ministries, Pastoral Care Ministry, and Youth Ministry. In 2010 Rev. Braxton

received his Master of Arts in Counseling degree from Ashland Theological Seminary and in

October of that same year Rev. Braxton was sent by God to cover the congregants of New United located at 701 Phillips Avenue in Toledo Ohio; where he currently serves as the

Senior Pastor.



Rev. Braxton currently serves his community as the Chaplain of Northwest Ohio

Psychiatric Hospital, Toledo Fire Department Chaplain, and as a Mental Health Professional at

Toledo Hospital. Through wisdom, compassion, and professionalism Pastor Braxton also uses

his specialized counseling skills to provide free pastoral counseling to the community.

Rev. Braxton is a man who loves his family and loves God's People. He loves the word of God

and helping others understand the need for Christ in their lives. He is honored and humbled to

serve anyone in need. He lives by the motto, “Be Faithful Over A Few Things and The Lord

Will Make You Ruler Over Many.”



Pastor DeWayne Braxton is married to the beautiful and sweet spirited Elect Lady Starlet

Braxton and they are blessed with three children and two grandchildren.